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LGBTQIA+ Leadership Development Program

Youth Leaders (ages 12-24) meet twice weekly with Leadership Coaches to work on personal and professional development skills like peer support, group facilitation, communication, self advocacy, and community advocacy. The Leadership Team works in tandem with the Youth Support Group and other youth programming. The team meets on Thursdays from 6-6:30pm (in preparation for Youth Support Group) and on Fridays from 5-6pm (debrief of Youth Support Group). When groups are virtual, leadership meetings are also virtual. When a group is in person, the coinciding leadership meeting is also in person. 

Join us:

  • Every Thursday, 6-6:30pm | Zoom & In-Person

  • Every Friday 5-6pm | Zoom & In-Person

Positive Images: In Their Words

Nico PI Leadership Support Group Portrait

"Positive Images, and specifically the leadership team, gave me the community I needed to survive when I was at my lowest. Getting to work with such kind and compassionate people makes my days lighter, and all the kids that attend our support groups remind me why I’m working to make the world a better place."

Nico (he/him)

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