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Our Community Center

Our LGBTQIA+ Community Center is located in Santa Rosa, California and is a vibrant hub of support and resources offering a range of services to meet the diverse needs of our community. We have a well-stocked food pantry and a cozy living room for recreation, a Transformation Station providing free clothing and gender-affirming aids, and a learning library filled with LGBTQIA+ media. Providing essential connectivity, we offer access to computers, devices, and wifi, while our dedicated staff extends one-to-one support and resource navigation for LGBTQIA+ community members.

Our Center hosts regular programming, including weekly peer-run mental health support groups, culturally and linguistically responsive therapy, social activities, and QTBIPOC-centered programs. We are proud to offer a substance-free and stigma-free space where LGBTQIA+ youth and adults can foster community and embrace mental wellness.

Are You New? Let’s Get to Know Each Other! 

While not required, prospective members who would like a personal introduction and orientation may simply contact us at or call 707-568-5830. The orientation typically takes 20 minutes and includes a tour of the building.

Community Center Drop-In Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 12 to 5pm and Saturdays from 12-3pm.

Resources at our Center

This artwork was created by members of Positive Images at our Community Center over the years.

Our Community Aspirations

We work hard to provide a space for everyone to be authentically themselves. We aspire to be a space that works for everyone. To guide us toward that aspiration, we hold the following community agreements: 

Keep It Here.

The nature of our program's services are confidential. Who we see and what we share must remain confidential for the safety and privacy of the members.

Embrace All Bodies.

This is a body-positive, fat-positive, food-positive, sex-positive space.  

Language Matters.

Mutual respect. For everyone, including yourself. Be mindful of self-deprecating language and demeaning others–even when joking.

Anchored in Goodwill.

This is a supportive space. Come with positive intent and assume it in others. When appropriate, practice calling folks in instead of calling folks out. Approach conversations with curiosity and ask clarifying questions rather than making assumptions of meaning or intent. Listen for understanding.

Respect Boundaries

Be aware of personal space, consent, and comfort level of others.

Speak with Empathy.

Assume we’re in the room – if you’re going to talk about a lived experience or identity, assume you’re talking to a room where someone has had that experience or holds that identity.

Commitment to Anti-Racism.

We don’t tolerate racial or ethnic prejudice whatsoever; we actively challenge racism, prejudice, and forms of discrimination, including implicit bias and microaggressions.

Embrace Diverse Abilities.

We want this to be a space where self care is both encouraged and prioritized. Not all ability needs are apparent; please respect that people will set their own boundaries, respect them as they are set.

Be Present.

Please come to PI not under the influence of substances that will disconnect you from others.

Fostering Friendships.

Let’s make this a welcoming space that’s easy to be new in.

Promote Support.

We want this to be a space where it is safe and encouraged to ask for help when you need it.

From Our Community:

Windsor Town Green Selects  -07_edited.png

"PI has helped me tremendously. In rural Sonoma County I feel kind of alone and I'm able to communicate with my peers online and come in town into Santa Rosa to events at the center and I feel connected. Other people in the group share common histories and concerns and we were able to relate to one another. It is pretty much the most valuable public resource in Sonoma county to me and a real treasure. Finding it has improved my life greatly."

Get in Touch


Email us at or call 707-568-5830 for more information.

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