Leadership Development Program


The Leadership Team is comprised of a group of members who are interested and enthusiastic about giving back to PI and the LGBTQIA+ community. They learn, practice, and develop their own skills in becoming effective leaders.  ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO SERVE ON THE LEADERSHIP TEAM! The Leadership Team leads the weekly LGBTQIA+ Youth Support Group and offers direction to the organization. Members of the Leadership Team may choose to sign up for an existing position, or create a position to fulfill a need within the organization. Each Leadership Team serves for a three-month term, and there is no limit to how many terms a member may serve. In addition to being fun and rewarding, any leadership position is a great addition to your resume and may count toward high school or college credit.

The Leadership Team meets for two development training sessions each week with our leadership coach, Jessica Carroll. The Leadership Team develops skills such as: effective communication, giving support, group facilitation, accountability, confidence building, critical thinking, active listening, providing good feedback, advocacy, building community, event planning, organization, time management, and problem solving. High priority is given to creating a safe confidential space for all members. For more information about our leadership program please contact us at info@posimages.org.


Co-Facilitators: Two members who lead the group each Thursday night. Co-facilitators create a warm and welcoming environment, hold the room in a safe space, role model respectful communication, and adhere to the group agreements. The co-facilitators keep the night flowing.

Grounder: When many people bring the energy of their day into a room, it’s helpful to take one or two minutes to center everyone’s energy together –  a quick meditation, a member’s poem read aloud, a little deep breathing, or live music.

Bard: After taking a moment to ground, we enjoy having a member read a quote that sets the theme or the tone of the evening.

Greeter: When new people drop in, the Greeter makes them feel welcome, helps introduce them to PI, answers any questions to help them feel more comfortable. Greeters also keep track of our membership attendance numbers.

Scribe: Someone who takes confidential and anonymous notes during the meeting to keep record of the night.

Historian: We need fab photographers! We have many events and activities to document. If you like taking pictures, this is for you!

Social Media: We always need tech-savvy members to help us keep our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter current. Gain technical experience and reach out to your community.

Community Outreach Panels: Providing trainings and educational presentations to the greater community is one of the important services that PI provides. Sometimes our trainings and presentations involve panels of experts (you!). Being on a panel is a fantastic way to help you express yourself, share your experiences, and educate other youth and adults.

Committee Chair: If you have a bright idea simply propose your project or activity to the Leadership Team. Together we will help you form a committee to accomplish your goal.

Board Liaison: A member, or two, who represent the youth voice to the Board of Directors during the monthly meeting.


While not required for attendance, prospective members who would like a personal introduction and orientation may simply contact us at info@posimages.org or call 707-568-5830. The orientation typically takes 30 minutes and includes a tour of the building.

Safety and Confidentiality
What is said and who is seen at our meetings is expected to remain within the confines of the meeting place. Members are expected not to discuss nor pass judgment on the personal process of another member. Positive Images does not encourage people to “come out of the closet” and all personal decisions are left up to the individuals themselves.

Email us at info@posimages.org or call 707-568-5830 for more information.