Become an Adult Volunteer


As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on the effort and energy of Adult Volunteers. Being an Adult Volunteer is an opportunity that can transform your entire view of the “next generation” – it can inspire and remind you how valuable you are! As new waves of queer youth come through our doors, they bring new ways of learning and teaching. We are a perfect blend of old and new school, as Positive Images youth offer profound insights to today’s world, and adults/elders bestow the knowledge and experiences of the past. Bridging the past and future in the present is something we cherish. To be a volunteer is to nurture the strong, compassionate, and forthcoming leaders of tomorrow. It’s up to us to make change – will you help?

If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities please call Positive Images at (707)568-5830 or email us using the survey below.

Please note: If you filled out this form before September 13, 2019, we may not have seen your message because of a forwarding error. We thank you for understanding, and hope you’ll get in touch again!

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