Become a PI Member

“Uh, what is a member?” “Do I need to join something?”

There are many ways to participate at Positive Images: attending support groups, hanging out in the Center during drop in hours, serving on our leadership team, and joining the Board of Directors. Most participants like call themselves  “members” after visiting PI a few times. It’s easy and reminds you that you’re always connected to a safe and supportive community. The most popular way folks become PI members is by attending our support groups! By coming to the groups, you learn skills, create connections, and build community. The whole organization is open for personal exploration!

Do you have questions? Send us a note at


While not required for attendance, prospective members who would like a personal introduction and orientation may simply contact us at or call 707-568-5830. The orientation typically takes 30 minutes and includes a tour of the building.

Safety and Confidentiality
What is said and who is seen at our meetings is expected to remain within the confines of the meeting place. Members are expected not to discuss nor pass judgment on the personal process of another member. Positive Images does not encourage people to “come out of the closet” and all personal decisions are left up to the individuals themselves.

Email us at or call 707-568-5830 for more information.