Become a Youth Member


“Uh, what is a member?” “Do I need to join something?”

Visitors are always welcome at our Center and each person decides how to identify themselves. Most participants like call themselves  “members” after visiting Positive Images a few times. It’s easy and reminds you that you’re connected to a safe and supportive community.

There are many ways to participate: attending support groups, hanging out in the Center during drop in hours, serving on our leadership team, and joining the Board of Directors. The most popular way young people become connected to Positive Images is by attending our youth support group meeting. The meeting is held every Thursday evening between 7:00PM and 9:00PM, 50 weeks of the year. By coming to the meetings, you learn skills, create connections, and build community. The whole organization is open for personal exploration!

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Leadership Development Training:

The Leadership Team is comprised of a group of members who are interested and enthusiastic about giving back to PI. They learn, practice, and develop their own skills in becoming effective leaders.  ALL MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SERVE ON THE LEADERSHIP TEAM! The Leadership Team leads the weekly support group meetings and directs the organization and programming. Members of the Leadership Team may choose to sign up for an existing position, or create a position to fulfill a need within the organization. Each Leadership Team serves for a three-month term, and there is no limit to how many terms a member may serve. In addition to being fun and rewarding, any leadership position is a great addition to your resume and may count toward high school or college credit.

The Leadership Team meets for two development training sessions each week with our leadership coach, Nancy Vogl. The Leadership Team develops skills such as: effective communication, giving support, group facilitation, accountability, confidence building, critical thinking, active listening, providing good feedback, advocacy, building community, event planning, organization, time management, and problem solving. High priority is given to creating a safe confidential space for all members. For more information about our leadership program please contact us at